Benchen Free Medical Clinic

The clinic was started as part of the charitable activities of Benchen Phuntsok Dargyeling Monastery in Nepal. It is situated just next to the monastery in Swayambhu, on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Today more than 200 monks reside in the monastery, where they receive free residence and education. Most of them are under 20 years of age, and many of them are children of tibetan refugees.
In 1994, because of the poor health standard among the locals in the surrounding area as well as among the monks, the Abbot of the monastery Tenga Rinpoche took the initiative to start a medical clinic. The objective is to offer free medical care to anyone who is in need. The monastery and the clinic is registered as an NGO organization. (Non-government).
The clinic is housed in a two-story building; on the ground floor are a consulting room and also a free dental clinic, which is very much welcomed in Swayambhu.

In 2003 a laboratory was established with a technician working there two days a week.

On a daily basis between 30 and 50 patients are treated at the medical clinic, some of whom have been walking many hours from their village.
In one year there are more than 7000 visits to the clinic.

A branch clinic has been established in Pharping, a small town some 20 kilometres from Kathmandu. This smaller clinic is open two days every week, and also here everyone is offered a medical examination as well as the necessary medicine for free.
Pictures from Pharping



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